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Our only purpose is to inspire as many people as possible to get an understanding to a happier life! We have only one purpose and that is to inspire as many as possible for a better and happier life!

”Tänk om vi fått allt om bakfoten?”

Här hittar du ett antal program som hjälper dig att förstå hur du verkligen fungerar. De flesta människor har fått allt om bakfoten och lider av oro, stress, rädsla och dålig självkänsla helt i onödan. Många har begränsningar p.g.a. gammalt bagage som de blir av med när de inser denna förståelse av hur vi fungerar som människor men som vi inte vetat om!

Svenska program hittar du i min och Dennis Westerbergs podcast ”Tänk om vi hade vetat det här tidigare” här>>>

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Shows in English

Sunday February 16, What if life is WOW! with Dr. Jack Pransky

Jack is doing a European tour this spring and will be in Stockholm, Sweden on March 16th. In this program he talks about how lives have changed and what to expect at his seminar after Understanding the Three Principles.

Thursday February 27 , What if life is WOW! with Kara Tribe Back and Erika Bugsbee

Kara Tribe Back and Erika Bugbee (Daughters of George and Linda Pransky) has created an entire web-based virtual division of Pransky & Associates to spread the learnings thathave changed Thousands of lives, including themeselves, their Families and Their Clients. Today we will talk about These exciting e-learning classes That You Can Take at your own pace. Who is it for? What will you learn? Listen in and find out! Learn more about the program here:


Wednesday March 5 , What if life is WOW! with Dr. George Pransky

Dr. George Pransky is one of the two founders of the professional understanding of The Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. He has taught the Principles for over thirty years to individuals, couples, businesses and Colleagues. Dr. Pransky is the author of The Relationship Handbook and over fifty audio recordings. During his career he has served on the faculty of three graduate universities and Continues to pioneer this understanding in new industries. Currently he is a partner at Pransky and Associates and on the Executive Committee of the Three Principles of the Global Community.

Thursday March 6,  What if life is WOW! with Barbara Patterson

Barbara Patterson, partner at Pransky & Associates, was a respected executive leading a global function for one of the World’s Largest travel management companies, she has worked with and coached CEO’s and top executives from all regions of the world, she has built a successful consulting and coaching business and has mentored other coaches to do the same. She has a diverse global portfolio including workswith Businesses, Their leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants in various fields of work. Listen here:

Thursday March 14 , What if life is WOW! with Elsie Spittle and Linda Pransky

Elsie Spittle, 3 Principles for Human Development, has been an Internationally-recognized trainer and consultant for almost four decades. Elsie has been invited to consult with all levels of executives and employees in the corporate world, and has been instrumental in transforming disadvantaged communities. She has worked with staff and youth in juvenile justice settings, as well as with individuals through coaching and retreats, and is co-founder of the Three Principles School, dedicated to sharing the integrity and purity of the Principles for the benefit of future generation. Elsie is the author of Beyond Imagination – A New Reality Awaits, 2013,, and Our True Identity. . . Three Principles, 2010 It is a sequel to Ms. Spittle’s Wisdom for Life, 2005, Lone Pine Publishing. Elsie’s website:
Linda Pransky went to graduate school at The University of Washington in 1975 She specialized in Psycosocial Nursing, Because she had an interest in learning how people change. She learned techniques and approaches to helping people, but nothing seemed longlasting and beneficial. When she met Sydney Banks in 1976 she saw a way for people to really change. Her Vision Became one of Helping People seek real and long lasting change. Linda is currently on the Executive Committee of The Three Principles of Community, faculty member for The One Thought Institute and Partner and Pransky & Associates. Linda’s website: Listen here:

Friday March 15 , What if life is WOW! with Eirik Grunde Olsen

eirik (1)Eirik is a Transformative Coach who takes people and businesses on what he calls Journeys of Insight. In his work, he points towards his clients Their innate and infinite power, peace of mind and clarity. When people begin to see and feel That within themeselves in Such a Way That it Becomes a New Way of Being, he watches them effortlessly create magic and ripples of change into whatever They do. The resulting ice anexponential, congruent and unapologetic transformation into a Life That They love (oh and it STICKS) He’s Also a mentor for other coaches, helping them go deeper into the three principles and creating a transformative and prosperous practice. His goal is simple: help his clients transform the way a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly – they can never be the same again. ” Listen here:

Monday March 24 , What if life is WOW! with Dicken Bettinger

Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D., is a retired psychologist who educates people abouttheir innate psychological wellbeing and Their Connection to wisdom. He is an international trainer and mentor who dedicates his life to helping others find happiness and Greater Ease In Their personal and professional lives. Since 1986 he has been teaching about three fundamental principles underlie That the creation of all human experience, as was taught to him by his teacher, the late Sydney Banks. Dr.Bettinger has Extensive experience teaching leadership, team development, and collaborative communication programs in corporations and educational institutions Throughout the U.S.. Currently he mentors and super Philosopher 3 Principle practitioners, leads seminars in wellbeing, and offers programs for individuals and couples in retreats, by phone, and by Skype (he has mentored people by Skype in 17 countries). He has been married for 44 years, has two grown children and two adored grandchildren. Dr. Bettinger’s website is

 Tuesday April 15th , What if life is WOW! with Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner the co-founder of One Thought is a recognised international speaker in the State of Mind field, he earned his Ph.D in Anthropology from London’s Brunel University. He educates executives in both the private and public sector and is working on expanding his practice through the development of the One Thought Institue. You can read more about his practice at

Wednesday July 23rd , Radio WOW! with Michael Neill

This week does Tomas Lydahl talk to the auther of ” The Inside Out Revolution” Michael Neill and his upcoming tour in Scandinavia.  Michael has spent the last 24 years as a coach and adviser. He is also the founder of Supercoach Academy, an international school that teaches people how to coach from the inside out. Michael Neills web page is

Friday August 8th , Radio WOW! with Rudi and Jenny Kennard

Tomas Lydahl spends this week interviewing Rudi and Jenny Kennard and how the three principles changed their lives. This couple decided 2009 to travel around the world and record differents impacts that the three principle has had in different peoples lives. To view thier work go to

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